3 Piece Mens Suits

The most common trick for men who want to look their best without too much shopping is to rely as much as possible on 3 piece mens suits. A great, high fashion suit is the one part of a wardrobe that can be worn many times during a man’s “laundry cycle,” but when accented well, he’ll always look sharp. The key is to start with great wool, flesh out the look with the right style, and add accessories that bring class and distinction. Italsuit is one-stop-shopping for those who want to bring all these elements to their wardrobe.
At Italsuit, our 3 piece mens suits are made from Super 150’s extra fine wool. Each part of the suit, the jacket, the trousers and the waistcoat or vest, cut from the same top quality fabric. Super 150s wool means the individual hairs that are twisted into the fabric are some of the finest available in the world. Using new technology to make wool like this ensures not only a distinct look, but lightweight comfort that beats almost all the other wool you’ve ever worn.

Next you’ll have to decide which is the right style for you. If you’re looking to make a powerful impression at a board meeting or business event, 3 piece mens suits are always the right decision. Then you’ll need the right shirt, tie and hanky. You’d be practically naked in your new 3 piece suit without them. Italsuit has sets of shirts ties and hankies to bring even more of your individual personality into your look. If the occasion is right, you can even set the whole thing off with the perfect hat, and you’ll really stand apart from the rest of the 3 piece mens suits at the occasion.