Black Fashion Zoot Suit 



A Fashion zoot suit on the other hand, has a characteristic of a baggy, high waist pants, wide lapels and wide padded shoulder jacket with its extravagant unique styles. Fashion zoot suits, matched with fancy hats, French styled-shoes with pocket chains, would just be perfect. Zoot suits have a feature of a flashy and attractive color. Black on the other hand also is among these zoot suit categories, though not a flashy shade; it gives you a glamorous and sophisticated look on a classic color point of view.


Black is an exceptional color that could go with any other shades. It does not only gives you a sharp and strong look, matched to any colored shirt, tie or hankie. It brings the traditional color in a fashionable way.



Younger attendees tends to be more fashionable and unique in their own way, and zoot suits are getting popular in proms as much as the other suit styles. Most of the ladies would wear nice colors, and so the men try to blend with their partners dress color. It gives a more flashy and glamourous look as a pair. Zoot suits are becoming a growing trend of today, and ITAL SUIT continuosly make new styles due to majorities demand.



Classification of Zoot Suits:


Fashionable Patterns:


* Tone on tone

* Solid

* Stripes

* Plaid

* Shadow stripes

* Compose combination ,   and a lot more


* Single-breasted

* Double-breasted



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It is certainly important to identify how to wear your suits properly, right matching color, size or style that is best for you. It would not hurt to ask the experts, as you are to wear an outfit that will make an impression of yourself. It is your choice to identify which among the competitive world of menís suits carries the highest qualification of itís expertise in menís wear.

In ITALís menís suits, all colors are made for its perfection. Aside from elegantly tailored with super high thread counts, it consists of outstanding quality worsted wool.   

To be able to find the finest Black Suit, ITAL SUIT possesses the expertise of finding you the right suit that you rightfully deserve.