Men’s Black Suits                  



Black is an exceptional color that could go with any other shades making your wardrobe look “superb”. It enriches the masculine look in a suit, irresistibly attractive, depending on how you carry yourself. Black color signifies reserved, powerful, wealthy and sophistication. It is a color that states, “you are in control”, sense of regal, strong-willed and disciplined. These are the common color worn by men to a party, gala, or wedding. Colors are very vital for any attire. There are many factors that determine the right color for your outfit such as the complexion, place of work, kind of event that you are going to attend etc. Men’s suits come in different colors, but the classic color that best appeals to a suit is always Black .

In clothing, Black is visually slimming. It may also imply rebellion, conservative, serious, mysterious, or elegantly sophisticated. There are different connotations on Black color. In the old days, they have the impression as Black being the bad guys, and white, the good guys, which simply signifies a positive or negative notion, however, nothing is comfortable than being your own self.

In gender issues, men favor Black color in their wardrobe slightly more than women do. A strong preference may reflect social and cultural norms.

Black suits are very famous in corporate world. Selections you may want to consider as follows:

·           Solid, stripes, or tone on tone

·          Double-Breasted stripes

·          Double- Breasted solid

·          Single-Breasted stripes 

·          Single-Breasted solid

·          Tuxedo’s- Single- Breasted                                    

·          Tuxedo- Double-Breasted

·          Tuxedo- Banded

Related items to match your black suit:

·          Belts- black belts or any belts to match

·          Vest sets- to enrich the look of the suit

·          Shoes- to match and coordinate with the suit

·          Ties & hankies /Bowtie- to match your traditional suit or tuxedo

·          Suspenders- that would blend the suit

·          Shirt sets- that would blend with your black elegant suit

·          Other Black selections: trousers, sport coats, casual sets

·          Cotton shirts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

·          Fashion Black zoot suits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 

·          Kids black suits: other kids selections: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

·          Kids black shirts: other kids shirt selections


In fashion clothing, color does speak for itself. It is important to select the right wardrobe and the right maker that possesses that reputable credibility. Bring the highly regarded and professional look in you, however it is always vital to keep your reserved and modest personality.

A color does play a partial function if you are to attain an exceptional look. Nothing else but your “best”, obviously, who would not want that; a contribution to that aspect is the man wearing the suit. He should have proper bearing by standing straight and tall with a spice of a fashion attitude, minimize the slouching posture; otherwise, it would ruin it all.

If white implies clarity, serenity and flexibility, black would be control, sense of regal, strong-willed and discipline. It symbolizes sophistication and refinement. A color you would not go wrong.

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