The History of Men's Suits

Centuries ago, on the late 1660’s, King Charles II decreed that all men be dressed in long coats or a jacket in an assembly, wherein it become a typical wear among men even in their everyday lives. By early 1880’s, the clothing trend has changed. They start to dress rather simple and minimalist, or should we say in our time “low key”. 19th century came along, with the breakdown of noble leadership; it became less necessary for men to accentuate distinction of social rank. As the suit became gradually better liked, even the humblest men would have at least one suit to wear on family gatherings, even in a non- formal occasions.

In the 20th century, America started a ready-to-wear manufacturing industry, with an upgraded technological, and advances. The production became a dependable source in clothing as time passes by. Tailors started to work on consistent patterns and distributed suits of a standardized uniform nature.

In 1930’s, the word “zoot” introduced by the jazz neighborhood, the term itself comes from the word “suit”. Despite the restrictions among the Anti-Latino Race insurgence for the duration of World War II, the zoot suit culture continuously prevailed, up to this time.

Over the past half-century, wearing suits turn out to be far less common than it was centuries ago. They have categorized the suit choices as suitable for an event such as wedding ceremonies, gala, anniversary party, business meetings and even for everyday wear, later on started to be a trendy wear worn by every man on a regular casual day.

As years passed, the uniform code has slightly changed, though not totally eradicated. There has been debating thoughts of the appropriateness of wearing and keeping the “old ways”, however evident changes was observed and can no longer be denied by men. In addition, they introduced new fashionable and essential suit style, with matching ties that are less silky, but rather stylish. Several suit makers are in a neck-to-neck competition in men’s suit in this fashion industry. However, if a wise shopper chose the right suit maker, you would not go wrong with your shopping experience.