Our tailors and fashion designers provide exclusive collection in classic and traditional suits. Single-breasted pinstripes are popular in all ages, from yuppies to older adult, simply because these are the classic style. Young men use pinstripe single breasted as it gives them a formal and a well-dressed sharp look.

Categories of Italís Single-breasted selections:

Single-breasted traditional suits

Single-breasted fashion suits

Types of Pinstripes:

Bold Stripes- Younger men are less likely to use bolder stripes as it is more common on 30ís and up, but bold pinstripes gives a sharp and strong look. Most common color stripe used are black with white stripes

Fine-lined stripes

Double stripe


Button counts of your preference: The number of buttons also matters in finding the right suit for you. It is as significant as color, fitting, style and suit fabric on your selections. Every man should consider wearing their suits depending on how it fits their body, and the number of buttons does matter. It helps the wardrobe from having less creases in the fabric while wearing the suit, or improves your look if we do not have an ideal or rather proportional body structure (flat bellies or aid to less show our belly), to look faultless, though 3- button suits are quite the standard style.

In addition, it would not only create an impression, you would feel confident that you are wearing the right suit, right color, right fit, on a right occasion and the suit that are best suitable in every menís age. It helps emphasize your body structure (slender or a bit of a weight to help keeping less focus on your baby fats or bellies), depending on how it looks upon wearing them.

Multi- buttons are worn on special occdasions, event motifs on weddings, or any other events. These are the basic style of most suits. The front buttons on the suits are in a single straight row. There are two types of single-breasted suit ; two button single breasted Suit and three button single-breasted suits. Single breasted Menís suit means a suit with a coat or jacket having single row of buttons and a narrow overlap of fabric while a double breasted suit has a wider overlap and two parallel rows of buttons. A single-breasted suit jacket with three or four buttons will elongate a larger upper body and tend to flatter the slim. Single-breasted suits are generally better for slender figures.

Go for the two buttons, menís single-breasted  suit if this is your first suit. While the three buttons is very trendy, it is not always appropriate and will probably be out of style soon. The two-button suit is an essential basic for mans wardrobe. Single Breasted with 2 Buttons and side vents, trousers have one reverse pleat is a classic suit for all kinds of occasions