Suggestions in Finding suits that fits you best



Choosing the right suit may be simple to few, but rather complicated to others. Mainly, we would not want to be stuck up with an outfit that does not give us the comfort ability, and the satisfaction we rightfully deserve. There have been numerous branded suits, most of which that cost twice and trice as much. In that regard, we demand for the best, which is unquestionable.

Meanwhile, there are suits that give you the same benefit and would cost you a little less, and are rather within your means. Mainly possesses the same high quality standards, and is continuously getting well-known for it’s expertise, thus is topping the men’s suit market today. May it be the high-end famous brands, italsuit or any neophyte suit company, us, as a wise shopper still want a wardrobe that gives us the benefit of a fine quality (the suit material), correct fitting, comfort ability to be ideal in any of them. Obviously, ital suit, is considered the “experts”.

Choosing the right one is not that complicated as long as you know the facts about men’s suits, the “what’s”, “do’s” and “don’t” of finding the right attire and suit maker.

As we look around at the trendy fashion magazines for men these days, we may have a predisposition to get anxious. With the perfect body shape of the models, that wears them; it may somehow intimidate us a bit, it could also be that men just simply do not know where to start in finding one.

Are you tall, short, a little stocky or long-limbed, slim or masculine? Do not be alarmed, you could still look as dashing as these models look, yet there are style secrets that would help you feel confident on what you wear and carry your self.


Tall &Thin –Italian suits possesses slightly fitting cut, and a tall and thin built has an

                      advantage. It is advisable that though you are slim, try not to get suits that

                      are too tight.   Put in mind that you have to move freely and would not look as

                       if you are wearing your “younger brother’s suit”, or would feel any stitching

                      may come off anytime, that’s uncomfortable.            

                       In contrast, try not to look as if you are overdoing the narrowness. Just make

                       sure the suit is free from creases, free from folds to look neat and smart. You   

                      would look wonderful.


                      In terms of color selections, you may try any colors you wish depending on

                      your own personal favorites, however lighter colors add width to a narrow

                      frame. 2 Button-suits works for tall men, as long as the suit has a fairly

                      high cut lapel. Ask a decent amount of break in your trousers. This is so

                      your long leg wouldn’t look even longer.   Refrain from oversized padded

                      shoulders, it would only look a   “man in a hanger”, it would look frailer.

                      same as for big built men, refrain from extra slim ties, you need a bigger width

                      to extend your upper body.


Short & Stocky - if you have a bit of a stocky figure a fine pinstripe suits may be considered.

                       Sometimes, a patterned outfit helps if you are thin or stocky. In addition, it is

                       alright to play around with patterns that would look suitable to you.   Make

                       sure to get the right size, don’t get too fitting nor loose,   it wouldn’t look and      

                       feel comfortable at all.         


                       It is sensible not to wear longer jackets length especially in traditional suits.

                       Pants should be hemmed not too short nor too long that almost is down

                       to     the floor.   You would not want to look shorter. Both dark and lighter

                       color shades are all right, though not too bright , unless otherwise they’re

                       your color preference.


Short & Skinny - Italian suits may have slightly fitting cut, it would be wise not to wear longer  

                        jackets, or else it would make your leg shorter. Have your pants hemmed not

                        too short, we advice for it to be hemmed not at the shoe sole level, but

                        slightly little above it. It makes you look taller. Do not match the suit with fat

                        ties and wide lapels, keep them slim as much as possible.


Tall & chubby – Italian suits may be worn in any body structure, do not keep cover. It is just                

                        a matter of finding the right pattern, design and material.   Darker color shade

                        are recommended. Bold pinstripes is also considerable, however if you choose

                        the bolder stripes , not too wide spacing on the stripes is suggested. It seld  

                        a part or in between spacing, and the jackets would look good on 2 back


Large built    A darker shade is recommended with a matching elegant , but yet simple

                      shirt. As much as possible, it is suggested to pass up on to the

                        checkered or plaid patterns. Should it be your personal favorite, you may re-

                        consider having them in a lighter shade of plaid. Try pocket square, it in some

                        ways draws out, or focuses less on your buttocks, instead focuses your chest.

                        For a larger built, consider a   3-4 buttons suit. You do not need to button all,

                        Leave one un buttoned and the rest buttoned. If you feel comfortable having

                       All unbutton; you may do so when sitting down. If you have a big built you

                       don’t necessarily need to get a loose or a much bigger size suit. It will only  

                       make you look sloppy. As much as possible tuck your shirts most of the time it      

                        will make you look neat.   Stay away from tiny skinny ties, it just wouldn’t

                        look right.



Athletic Built – Having an athletic built does not necessarily mean that the suit would need to                 

                        be way too large. Preferably, 2 button suits should take in to prospective. It

                        orchestrate   your upper torso, having small size in the waist. A low collar

                        shirts are more comfortable, considering with a thicker neck.   Apparently,

                        your jacket will have to   be let in at the sides, to blend with the outfit. Be

                        reminded that your chest area that needs to have extra room to move freely.    

                        trousers are your option or your cut choice. Italian pants are in general are  

                       cut narrower than the usual, and that’s not a problem, your trouser does not

                       need to be adjusted, it’s the upper torso that needs to adjust a little and the



Another important information’s about choosing the right suit, it is necessary for you to feel

and touch the fabric. Do not get carried away with high branded suits with not so good fabric,

mainly it is the just the brand you are up to and not the look of the suit on you. You have to

be a wise buyer, as not to get carried away with “Brand-A”- a well know store that cost you so

much, while “Brand-B” a rising competition in it’s store name , however   offers the   finest

quality and distinctive of it’s expertise. Bottom line, it has to fit you well, it has to have a good

texture, material and construction should be a top priority and lastly, you have to wear

something that go with your taste and makes it “comfortable in your skin”. Do not be mislead

by 3-4 digit cost of suits. Remember, have to get your money’s worth. You’d be surprise what

they have to offer you. In the end, try to ask someone knowledgeable, like a salesperson

or an expert personal shopper. This will be the case until someone can virtually step into the

room and be personally honest to comment on how it   really looks on you, not just for

personal gain, let your eyes be the judge. Let loose and get rid of the denial that you are

with a perfect built even if you are indifferent (you’re not alone), that’s why   ital suit is here to

help you find the suit that will suit you “BEST”.