A necktie is an accessory worn mostly by men with their suits. Men wear them around the neck beneath the collar with a tied knot at the front. In the later years this are worn by the high ranking officials or those that belongs to a high-ranking royals. As centuries passed it has now introduced as a fashion wear or trend among men. Such accessories are part of our fashion menís wardrobe for business functions or meetings and interviews most especially. It goes with any formal or informal occasions. It simply gives a big difference without it.



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General Tie Knots :

  1. Windsor Knot - A triangular wide knot intended for a wide spread shirts.


1.       Place the necktie at the back or below the collar, the wider end as the longest and the thinner end the shortest.

2.       Cross the wide end over the narrow end and bring the wide end upward

3.       Leave the wide end back down, around and behind the narrow end

4.       Pull the wide end up on your right and bring it down through the knot in front

5.       Tighten the knot carefully as you flatten out any creases.

6.       Draw the knot snugly up to your collar


B. Half-Windsor Knot - A much more formal triangular knot. Well with lighter fabric shirts, that brings elegance.

1.       Place the necktie at the back or below the collar, the thinner end the shorter. Leave a little extra length on the wide part of the tie. The extra length of the tie is for the second wrap.

2.       Bring the wide end around and behind the thin end and then move it up ( in comparison to Four-in-Hand knot, this requires two wraps, and simply repeat the procedure and could even knot them three times since a third wrap are good for thin ties)

3.       Tighten your knot by drawing the knot under your collar gently, and make it as creaseless as possible


C. Four-in-Hand Knot - A tie knot that is less difficult to manage. Designed for a standard shirt collars in just about any occasions.

1.       Place the necktie at the back or below the collar, the wider should be on your right hands side, and should hang lower than the narrow part of the tie.

2.       Cross the wide end over the narrow end and back underneath.

3.       Wrap the wider part of the necktie around the front once again and pull it through the left side on your collar.

4.       Do not tighten the knot yet.

5.       Take your index finger and hold the knot open while pulling the wide end over the loop to the front of the knot

6.       Gently tighten the tie knot to the center, make sure it is in between your collar. Check for any wrinkle folds, if none, you just made a nice four-in-hand-knot


D. Pratt Knot - A much more formal triangular knot. Well with lighter fabric shirts, that brings elegance. Begins with a knot, reverse side out, suited for shorter length ties.


1.       Lay the tie around neck collar flat. Wide end on your right side and    extending a foot below the narrow end of your tie.

2.       Bring the wide end of the tie under the narrow end from right to left.

3.       Form the front loop of the bow, by doubling up the shorter end of the tie

4.       Bring the wide end of the tie through the back of the loop, from left side to center

5.       Hold the front of the knot loose with your index finger, pass the wide end of the ties down through the loop in front

6.       Remove your finger and tighten the knot

7.       Hold the narrow end; slide the knot up, while making smooth fabrics, free are free from creases.

Other Artistic Tie Knots:


A.      The Bow Tie -


On a formal tuxedo wear, bowtie is a factor that completes the wardrobe. A bowtie is a ribbon tied around the collar in a symmetrical twist in two opposite ends that forms a loop. Various bow ties are clip on and sold as a set, though others preferred the traditional knot especially those that are knowledgeable on the knot techniques, it consists of a strip of cloth made by either polyester, silk or cotton, and wool which are rather not frequent. A bow tie as part of a tuxedo constituent does express a lot in a wearerís personality, as it carries your personality and life style. Worn as costumes in stage plays or magic shows, mentioning the funny colored bow ties for clowns, formal events that are widely seen in popular culture as items of sophistication, also associated with particular profession such as architects, attorneys, university professors and politicians over a nice suit or tuxedos, though neckties proves most prominent in todayís society. A bow tie represents somewhat of an irony; even so, it still considers a classy ingredient on a formal wardrobe, especially with a dress code noted asĒ black tieĒ attire, which highly requires such piece.


B.       Oriental Knot - Simplest tie knot.


1.       The tie should begin inside out. First, the wide end of the tie should be on your right side and the other on your left.

2.       Cross the narrow end over the other end

3.       Next, cross over the wide end over the narrow end

4.       Bring the wide end under the narrow part of the tie to the center.

5.       Bring the wide end downwards and pass the loop in front, insuring the knot is tightened

6.       Use one hand pulling the narrow end gently down, and use your other hand to move the knot upwards, till it reaches the center of the collar shirt.



C.      Kelvin Knot

D.      Victoria Knot

E.       Balthus Knot

F.       Hanover Knot

G.      Grant Chester Knot

H.      Plattsburgh Knot

I.        Nicky Knot

J.        Cavendish Knot


Tie Care tips :


Proper tie handling could save you money and keep them long lasting. Neck Ties are elegant menís wardrobe accessories that keeps them looking brand new.


7.       Always check the material of the tie before purchasing anything from the store. Should you have ordered them through the website, make sure to ask for the fabric quality

8.       Check the edges, inside and out for any loss threads or damages, as ties tend to be very sensitive.

9.       Compare prices while checking your preferred style.

10.   Neckties are mostly dry-cleaned. Make sure to read the care instructions before washing them. Each fabric has its care instructions. Do not purchase any without them.

11.   Make sure to keep ties away from sunlight, and dry them in a dark shady place as it damages the color shade if exposed in too much sunlight.

12.   Do not leave the tie unknot if you are not wearing them, or else the fabric may be deformed.

13.   Tie clips are not recommended

14.   Look for loose threads and cut them very gently.

15.   Alternative dry clean care, you may steam the tie by hanging over a boiling pot.

16.   Never scrub or twist your tie , it causes fabric damage.

Tips to wear your tie correctly:

1.       Generally the width of neckties are 3.5 inches

2.       The tie texture should match the shirt material (Silky tie with silky shirt)

3.       Refrain from wearing too bright colored ties. It catches a negative attention over your suit. The color should be darker than the color of your shirt

4.       The front of your ties should touch your waist.

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