How to Avoid Mistakes

ITAL SUIT improves your personality, enhance your look, and guarantees your comfort ability. It gives you confidence you need without creating a bad impression in how you look. It is very easy to make mistake on your look with the wrong style, color  and size.It is important to make sure you have a   good quality suits , fabric, right size and color, right shirts, matching tie, socks, belts or jewelry, depending on your personality and the occasion.  Do not hesitate to take advices from the tailor experts; it keeps you more confident to know that your whole wardrobe matches correspondingly with each other. Be careful. Sometimes tailors could also give you a wrong advice and send you to different dirction just to get some business from you.


Try to avoid the following mistakes:

1          Do not wear sandals with menís suit.

2          With menís suits, avoid sport shoes, big chunky shoes, especially those with square toes, should be retired at this point. Choose something classic that stands the test of time.

3          Shirts with big prints, Shiny or Glittery Shirts with businessmanís suits.

4          Tie with carton characters.

5          Always remove designer labels or prize tags from cloths.

6          Avoid Unflattering Suit Colors. The colors you wear should compliment your natural features such as your eye color, skin tone and body shape.

7          Do not wear jeans or corduroy pant with Menís suit.

8          Do not overload your pockets, which could strain the seams.

9          Always fasten belt with pant having loops.

10       Uncombed hair also makes bad impression with Menís suit.

11       Unbutton your jacket before you sit down. Also, pull the pants up at the thigh when you sit so you do not pull the fabric too much.

12       Do not craze about fashion and style, make sure that suits match with your physical outlook.

13       Do not fasten all buttons in three or four buttons Menís suits.

14       For short man, do not wear a longer suit jacket. It just makes your legs look shorter. Also, do not wear fat ties and wide lapels with Menís suit.

15       For fat man, avoid wearing a roomy suit. It does not make you look slimmer - it makes you look sloppy.

16       For athletic man, do not wear peak lapels. Your chest and shoulders are broad enough and no need to accentuate them.

17       Do not wear suit with warm fabrics in summer at work or attending any functions

18       Do not wear suit which is not stitched properly or unfit to your body, wrong outfit gives uneven looks of your physical structure.

19       Do not keep shirt button open with Menís suit.

20       Keep neat and pressed handkerchief.

21       Always wear washed socks while attending important meeting, bad smell socks make your bad impression as well as make uncomfortable feel to the people around you.

22       Do not wear unpolished shoes.