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Banded or mandarin suits are now integrated in men’s wardrobe these days. The banded collars are now prevalent, incorporated in shirts, men’s suits and casual jackets for men and women. Unlike the traditional classic style, it does not have a lapel, flips or collar, another term used   “tunic collar”. On ancient times, tunic suits are the uniform worn by warriors or high ranked officials. This signifies their disposition as the person in command or soldier. In the good old days, these are the clothing style of the royal leader, not only in China’s imperial, but also in France Empire. Zhongshan-zhuang’s look, china’s national dress of a high ranking official & military has now been modernized, having taking off the turndown collar. It has been among our formal wear selections for years now. The westerner’s as the Mao’s called this as “Mao Suit” or “Mao Tunic”. Such attire are famously used in movie pictures, and are widely used by commoners for events that needs formality. These are the contemporary clothing in China up to the present.  



Knowing all these fact on our pre-historic past, we gladly introduce these banded/mandarin collar suits on our men’s selections. It commemorates and reminds us of our ancient times, and at the same time introducing them in a fashionable manner.


Suggestive colors:
Black is an exceptional color that could go with any other shades making your wardrobe look “superb”. It enriches the masculine look in a suit, irresistibly attractive, depending on how you carry yourself. Black color signifies reserved, powerful, wealthy and sophistication. It is a color that states, “you are in control”, sense of regal, strong-willed and disciplined. These are the common color worn by men to a party, gala, or wedding. Colors are very vital for any attire. There are many factors that determine the right color for your outfit such as the complexion, place of work, kind of event that you are going to attend etc. Men’s suits come in different colors, but the classic color that best appeals to a suit is always Black.

White color, by itself is associated with sophistication, classiness, clarity, and most of all peace. Common wearer of white appears to have a positive, well-balanced, optimistic personality. White is a bridal color, the color of a “new beginning”, color used in cultural practices such as baptisms, the color used by pastors, priest and other religious representatives, and last but not the least, a color of royalty. In early films stereotypically, the “good” character wore white, while the “bad” guys wore black, or the other way around, such as the movie portrayed by Don Fanucci in Godfather II, wherein all his wardrobe were all white, representing his power authority and prestige.

Contemporary metropolitan clothing has developed as an obsession with brand names, and in major cities, the vast majority prefers a western look, and in some ways, it revives the old tradition.
Banded/ Mandarin Tuxedo Selections:

*Fashionable Banded/Mandarin tuxedo- with a touch of a fashion zoot

*Classic Banded/mandarin Tuxedo - simply the classic

*Other selections : 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ,

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