Classic Style of 1 Button Suits                        

The number of buttons also matters in finding the right suit for you. It is as significant as color, fitting, style and suit fabric on your selections.   Every man should consider wearing their suits depending on how it fits their body, and the number of buttons does count. It helps the wardrobe from having creases in the fabric while wearing the suit, or improves our look if we do not have a proportional body structure (such as having flat bellies or help less showing our bellies), in that way, the wardrobe would look faultless.

In addition, it would not only create an impression, you would feel confident that you are wearing the right suit, right color, right fit, on a right occasion, that are best suitable to your age. It helps emphasize your body structure (slender or a bit of a weight to help keeping less focus on your baby fats or bellies), depending on how it looks upon wearing them. Multi-buttons are worn on special occasions, event motifs on weddings, or any other events. They are slightly longer length in jacket that the traditional ones. These types of suits are fashionable zoot suits with some astounding colors that are rather impressive.

1- Button

2- Button