Classic Style Vested Suit                                       

In our men’s fashionable world, wearing with or without a vest plays an important role in a men’s suit . Wearing a vest depends on the occasion, convenience, comfort, and the right suit for the season. For some, wearing a vest is typical attire for them. Some may have convenience for winter season, outstanding for formal events such as gala’s, weddings, or wearing the proper suit for a ballroom dancing, to complete our look and comfort ability.

Winter Season- wearing an extra layer to keep you warm during cold weather, minimizing uncoordinated layering in your wardrobe

Formal Events- For a prolonged event, seldom we like to take off our jackets every once in awhile, and having a vest without the jacket would still look formal, dropping the uncertainties of looking unethical, either for traditional or tuxedo suits . We could just simply take them off and still feel comfortable and elegant of how we look. In tuxedo’s , a vest in the wardrobe would add up the sophistication.

Depending on how the vested men’s suit would look on you, it also defines your personality. A personality of how and what you want to be.

 Another consideration is a choice of a solid or pinstripes vested suit, and a matter of how every man would like to represent their look. Nevertheless, with or without a vest would still look good, as long as you have the smart look inside and outside   in you, and not just the “man in the suit”.