Color and Trends


To be able to successfully design clothing in terms of fashion and textile collection, color is highly vital and considerable. It is a fundamental feel what consumer’s first sees, either at the website or walk-in stores. Colors are important in variety of reasons. It may relate to season, the profile of a customer, traditional norms, and the physical type of fabric that gives comfort ability, plus the attracted concept of our designer that fascinates the buyer and lastly, symbolic meanings to a countryside, state, beliefs and culture.


Colors influences the current trend and that produces a collection that would fit in with colors predicted for a specific season.


The choice of color within design is quite a personal thing. Ital Suit, having been on designing for long time now, we tend to work inside and outside the color range considered experimental that achieves our main goal. Ital Suit is known for our colors, mentioning red, navy, black, white and ivory or off white, considering the basics shades. Men swear colors tend to use these safer colors in mass-market and high-end fashion.


We first need to understand a little of the basic color theory, of how colors scientifically work together. Colors has its subjective meanings and symbolizations as follows:


EUROPE: Blue symbolizes for boys and Pink for girls. White for wedding and Black

                  for mourning.


INDIA:     Red symbolizes fertility and weddings, while White is linked for mourning.

                  During their colonial years, the British army marked their white summer tunic

                  to a dull brownish yellow color for camouflage in combat. This neutral tone

                  was called Khaki or Tan , meaning, “dust” colored, and from Persian word

                  “Kak”, which means dust.



ASIAN COUNTRIES:  Yellow symbolizes an imperial color, and has many of the same  

                Culture association as Purple does in the west, which symbolizes wealth.

                 White is for purity and wedding ceremony. Black, for mourning, penance or

                 Evil influences


CHINA:   Red  symbolizes luck, prosperity and celebration, Green is linked to harmony

                 White for mourning and death. 






NATIVE AMERICAN COLORS  (as researcher says they are):


Red  -faith

Yellow- love

Green- will

Pink- creativity

White- magnetism

Purple- wisdom

Orange- learning

Gray- honoring

Brown- knowing

Rose- seeing

Black- hearing

Crystal- clarity



Colors and Moods:


There is psychology in colors that proves to have scientific evidence in terms of emotional moods, and these are colors that make us down in the dumps and a color that lifts up and raises our spirit. Some colors make us feel warm and others cool. The shade Blue is considered a calming hue, while black and gray are rather depressing.


However, these theories of colors are interesting to consider, but within a fashion collection point of view, it tends to be related to an artistic choice rather than psychology. Certain colors are in fashion and out the next season, regardless if they make us feel better or not.