Accessories to complete the look

Accessories with Menís suit complete the professional look of men. Appropriate and simple accessories enhanced outlook of Menís personality. You have the opportunity to express something with every single aspect of your suit with matching accessories. It is very important to wear accessories as per the occasion or events.

Briefcase or Leather Binder

Bring a conservative briefcase or leather binder should put everything you need at easy access such as important documents, reference letters, resume copies, notepad, High quality pen etc. Simple not overly ornate Accessories should complement your professional look.

Jewelry with Mens Suit

Man can wear matching jewelry such as gold or silver bracelet, earrings, necklace, pendant, ring and chain etc with suit depends on events or function. Wear light and decent jewelry while attending business meeting. You canít wear heavy jewelry with suit at work. You can wear golden and silver jewelry in wedding function. In party or clubs you can wear trendy and fashionable jewelry.

Watch with Mens Suit

With Mens suit, matching designer watch can enhanced Mens personality and status. There are various famous brands are available in the market such as Citizen, Rolex, Seiko, Breitling, Omega and many more. Avoid wearing sports watch with mens suit.


Good cuff links add a flourish of personality. On a full suit this is the place where you can show a little bit of yourself. Just make sure the jacket sleeve falls Ĺ inch above the cufflink. Cuff link or cuff-link is a decorative fastener worn by men or women to fasten the two sides of the cuff on a dress shirt.  There are numerous styles, including novelty, traditional, and contemporary cufflinks. Cufflinks are designed only for use with link cuffs, which have buttonholes on both sides but no buttons. These may be either single or double-length cuffs. Traditional dress required that French cuffs be worn with a tie and jacket.


Mens dress shoes are as important as other accessories in the Mens wardrobe. It represents a manís sense of style and social status.


It is always easy to coordinate base on the colors of the socks.

Selection of right Shoes and Belt for Mens Suits

Mens dress shoes are as important as other things in the wardrobe. It represents manís sense of style and social status. Many men could not care about wearing good shoes and belts with suits. They forget the importance of dress shoes in finishing off the style with their fitted dress shirts, quality Mens suits and pants.

With Mens suits shoes , belts and buckles help in making the outfit flow from top to bottom. Since every man should own a pair of brown and black shoes , they should also own a belt of both colors to match.The belt should be at least 1 inch wide, the skinny belts donít help separate the pants from the shirt.If you want to add a little class to your look add a chrome belt buckle to really make the look shine.

The traditional approach in selecting a designer belt to match Menís suit is donít wear one. This came from the sense that a belt interrupts the visual flow of a quality suit. You can also take guidelines for selecting the best color of designer belt and menís shoes to complement an elegant Italian suit or other types of man suits.

First, the color of a designer belt should match the color of your dress shoes. Black dress shoes call for a black belt, brown shoes for a brown belt, and red wine colored shoes call for a dark brown or similarly colored belt. Your designer belt should not interrupt the visual flow of the suit with a line around the waist that is too noticeable. This is subjective, but the guideline will help you limit the range of colors you wear, and keep you looking perfect.

Match Mens black suit, dark grey suit, charcoal gray suits, or navy suit with a black belt and black shoes. Light tan shoes and belts for casual weekend attire. It is also important to note that the more formal an attire, the Mens socks should be finer, smoother, and plainer for a balanced coordination with shoes and suits.

It would be nice to attempt wearing light brown shoes during business casuals. The lightness of the color around the feet sets the pace for a relaxing feel even when worn with formal dark colored suits. To coordinate dress shoes this way is to break from the norm and creates diversity in the change of color flow from top and bottom.

When overall outfit gets thicker in fabric, the Menís socks category should follow mans suit, i.e. choosing thick socks to step up the look. Lastly and most importantly, always wear the same color belt as your dress shoes. That is, black belt with black shoes and brown belt with brown shoes.

When it comes to dress suits , each work environment has its own level of formality, and each man has his own sense of style. Use these guidelines as a starting point for matching the color of designer belts and dress shoes to your Italian suit, in accordance with your own tastes. If you wish to improve your overall look perfectly, always give attention to your entire attire.

How to select Shirt with Mens Suits?

While dressing Mens suits, shirt, pant, tie, belt socks, shoes and other accessories are also important for men to enhance personality in suit. Selecting perfect matching shirt with Mens suits is not very difficult task. With some little fashion sense or dressing guidelines you can add nice collection of shirts in your wardrobe. There are various types of shirts to be wear with Mens suit. You can also wear suit shirts as a casual dress with formal pant or jeans pant. Wide range of shirts types are:


Mens Shirts Styles

Shirt with horizontal stripes, [thin lines to medium size lining shirts]

Shirts are available in full sleeves or half sleeves as per your choice but for Mens suit always select full sleeve shirts .With the best fit it can definitely flatter the maníphysical outlook. And with the right play of colors and patterns it can give radiance to your face as well as rejuvenate any of your dull colored suit.

The proper pairing of shirts with the right suiting or pants is important in bringing out every manís individual fashion styling. Mens dress shirts do not need to be homogenous and monotonous in shape, style, and design. Every shirt can be different through subtle detailing of the fabric, pattern, collar, buttons, placket, and cuffs. Knowing about detailing will empower you to make the right decision when buying both off-rack or bespoke shirts for your suits.

Matching Mens suit and shirts

With Solid color Men Suits: Shirts with thin strips , shirts with soft textures for businessman Also wear shirt with colorful designs or big texture if you want to draw attention of the people while attending parties or function.

With Mens White Suits: Soft color shirt like light pink, light blue, navy blue, maroon

With Mens Black Suits: Any light shades of pink, blue, yellow, beige or white

With Mens Tan Suits/Mens Brown Suit: Off-white, light blue or pink

Mens Navy Suits: Soft color shirt like light pink, light blue, navy blue, white

With Pattern Suit Such as Pinstripes suits, Windowpane suits: Solid color / plain shirts are best option. With the correct mix and match as well as balancing the patterns and solid colors between Mens suits, shirts, and ties, you can give refreshing look and style each time even if you have fewer suits in your wardrobe. Select shirts for Mens suits from online Mens suit outlet.



A stylish hat such as Untouchable or Godfather usually gives a very nice look and completes the idea. Depending what color suit and what occasion you are attending, make sure you have the right color hat.