Suit Maintenance

In order to preserve your Ital suit, please follow these recommendations:

         We recommend that you do not wear your suit on consecutive days. Our selected cloths are made from natural fibers and need time to recover. Ideally you should only wear your suit once a week.

         Unbutton your jacket before you sit down. Also, pull the trousers up when you sit so you donít pull the fabric too much. Avoid putting heavy items in the suit pockets as it can strain the joints.

         Air your suit properly between each wear, hang it up carefully for a least 24 hours. If itís creased hang in a steamy bathroom.

         Hang your suit using a wooden hanger with slightly rounded ends. A rubber bar or trouser band will hold a pair of trousers on a hanger, place creases flat.

         Brush your suit with a clothes brush to keep it clean and looking good.

         To length suits life, dry-clean your suit only a few times a year or as needed. Do not rub forcefully on stains or dirt to avoid it embedding into the fabric. Always follow the instructions on the care label.