In our present millennium, our men have various interests in dressing up. The question here is no longer a “who”, but rather “what” kind of person is he in that suit, psychologically. How their look does represents them, possibly a traditionalist, authoritarian, down-to-earth or does this signifies who they really are? In some of women’s and psychology expert’s opinion, we could easily identify their personality by their mode of dressing and expressions. Certain differentiation takes place depending on their point of view, and on how they “dress to the nines”. Any one is entitled to their own opinion, however within personal research it has certain basis, among are (1) superiority appeal, (2) cynical or pessimistic thinking, (3) ones lifestyle, (4) outlook in life, (5) emotional stability and (6) resources that are relatively obvious these days considering the financial stability of an individual, thus frustration arises every now and then. The new fashion industry kicks in and learns to analyze the best way to adopt on people’s personality, thus to create a bridge if not to convert, but to at least use this information in achieving a progressive  and creative designs, not just to  call it “fashion”, but fashion that fits their interests and personalities.




*There are still men who prefer the basics or classic wardrobe that in reality does not go out of style. These are our men that describe their persona in two ways:


(1)     Men who do not feel bothered however are confident of their look in a sense of not being conceited, (not for all but at least more than a few, luckily). They are more likely people who have many things in their minds, not concerned to prove their magnitude towards others because they feel they are all right to be as they are but are also up to have some changes. However, considering changes in style is just their second priority, believing there are more things to tackle that are much significant, better yet as long as they look all right; it is fine with them.

(2)      Men that is just not ready for any change. As what the saying goes “why change if it works fine”.


Classic dressers are more likely a type “A” or “B” personality (though this may not apply to all). As a commoner’s point of view, they are more likely to be perfectionist, a thorough person, do take things in perspective, may be quite fun generally but are rather disciplined and does value their time for relaxation. There are also men who are just born to be as simple as they look, mainly a “simple guy”, but yet nearly perfect (of course nothing is perfect in this world). You’ll never know unless you know the person, so at times, see how he wears his wardrobe, the way he dress which is part of the bargain to know the person really is. The way you dress brings a lot of impression. Check, how he manages to carry his wardrobe by looking how the shirt is tucked, his necktie tied, is it creaseless. Does he wears rather loose of fitting, how the jacket are buttoned, his body language, how he eats and speak, is he up tight or anxious, a talker not a listener and a lot more. It would be so amazing though bizarre how anybody could identify a person if he is good in the inside or out, or both in one sitting, though realistically some says you could only find out ones personality by living with them in the same roof, there’s always an exemption of course. It is very interesting, even flattering to know right there and then if a person is just a show-off, a bragger or a “know-it all” kind a person or just simply a sincere soul. Save your money, for palm reader advises, unbelievably your gut feeling sometimes tells you the truth, just use your senses sensitively.


To have an idea on how a classic style looks like, perhaps to make these men an example, the best dressed wearers to mention Prince Charles, who rather keep it simple, not forgetting the pocket-handkerchief and silk tie in classic double-breasted, its simplicity is rather obvious but elegant. Another is his son Prince William, the new President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, the ever so popular and sexiest man in film Pierce Brosnan as “James Bond”, and several of our top business men’s worldwide, these are just 10% few famous best dressed, not deceptive photo shots by the paparazzi, but instead are their true appearance in the suit who wears their suit so perfectly flawless.


Nevertheless, their attitude in clothing reflects their personality as sovereigns, authoritarian, they are the leaders wherein their wittiness are rather obvious, courageous, dominating, and wealthy however sympathetic; now their genuineness depends on their inner exquisiteness. Such representation with decency gets the respect they ought to get from the crowd, the reputation they earned and tend to preserve on their lifestyle and careers.





*On the other hand, our stylish men are much open for change, more up to the new styles of their choice. As what they say “change is good”. Of course it would be hilarious for a 30-year-old man to wear clothing that levels a 12 year old. Not to exaggerate, but it would be best to have some boundaries for your own sake, though there are times that an adult prefers to be in-style like in the 70’s pants cut, a little fitting but not baggy, because it is the latest fad, well without further elaboration that’s a different story.


Being stylish has its miscellaneous items. Stylish men are quite feisty, aggressive, fun, sociable, full of strategies, expressive in a lot of ways, may it be with their manner of communicating, their principles in life, they are known to be visionaries, romantic, up for a challenge, well-determined, hyper in a lot of things, could be either very friendly or conceited, an 11th hour person or organized schedule planner, which are rare. In some are keeping track and addicted to the latest fashion even if their resources does not calls for it. They are more likely overconfident, insensitive, attention-seeker, self-centered, proud and careless, which we seldom hope not to see. As what our ever so admiring designer “Tessori” always says, (the main reason his line is up and introduced in fashion to the vast majority)“Come on now, don’t be that person, there are other ways to become stylish that fits to your budget” Believe it or not, being called “stylish” is a ring in the ear. We want to be called so, because it gives us the notion that we are not out of style, we are up to date, in demand and to some, “young at heart”! , isn’t that an in-style consumer’s soup for the soul? Being stylish in some ways boost our self-esteem, looking forward for more beautiful things that surround you, and if it would be applied on a “positive” thinking, values and behavior, being in-style rocks!


The music band, “Jonas Brothers” are quite famous of their music and gorgeousness in their teens to 20’s, having an enormous crowd of teen-agers such as their selves, young to mid-adult mass. They relate their clothing on their line of music, skinny-tight fitted suits with printed ties, more likely Italian fit of the 70’s with a touch of modernized prints, or any clothing that expresses their youthful look. They have an entertaining and carefree lifestyle; energetic, lovable, are neophytes open for experience and learning. Like any other men in our times, most stylish men are more open for new designs, styles or preferences in dressing up; it is more likely an attitude of a desire of productiveness, which applies to the vast majorities’. Dallas Raines, a weather channel guy in channel-7, wears his suit so sleek. This meteorologist wears his suits on television in a traditional with a touch of the latest fashion; reflects his feistiness, articulate, sociable and expressive ideals and ethics that dress so strong but yet so overwhelmingly friendly.


Athletic fashion

it could be either a trend or a basic wardrobe of the majority. This comprises your rubber shoe; back packs or sporty bags, simple t-shirts or sleeveless tops, jogging pants, sporty hats, socks, watches and the whole sport looking outfit. Most of the athletic men to mention Michael Phelps, wear their sporty outfit as their common wardrobe since he is obviously the “human fish”, as what they call him with 8 golden trophies, 2008 world athletic swimmer and counting, of course the guy couldn’t wear a suit in his line of career right? However, the main point here is that he also goes casual or formal or in a business suit other than his everyday sporty wears.  Most well off men such as bankers, Ceo’s, directors, men in politics, the President, your dad, brother, your husband, boyfriend or friend may sometimes go sporty sometimes. A proven fact but not to all, it gives us a look of a youthful appearance, thus a healthy way of living wearing them while working out, keeping trimmed and simply healthy. Among these men, it does not necessary mean, our President would go sporty from now on, but instead a style they tend to be “on” every ones in a while, and If you would ask why? It is simple, because it is comfortable.


Military Style

as what Tessori always says, “always support the military”, as constant as he always states, our very own designer believed our men in the military are heroes and the reason why the country stands still. As seen, our hero wears their fatigue suits seen in green, dark colors, brown or rusts with a camouflage pattern prints, military influenced jackets and pants. This are now incorporated in our fashion trend. Such style gives a muscular, physically powerful, a soldier or a fighter look or appeal. 


Dressing Country Style – “country

dressers would possibly point toward cowboy hats, big buckle belts, boots, jeans, plaid long sleeve shirts, “hiya! Are you ready for a horse ride! Buckle up!!!” Country, amazing as it sound, is an exciting fashion for men, women, and children, best example is the ever famous and lost “Elvis Presley, in him you would easily picture out and identify these states mode of dressing, to mention Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, West Virginia, Tennessee and other considerable places that keep their traditions alive up to this time.


Dressing “country” is a nice black leather jacket, faded or dark colored denim jeans-preferably not ripped, white shirts that are similar to “ED Hardy” prints, somewhat designs used in tattoos, plaid with collar shirt as their common pattern; “well known for”. They also wear layers that fold the sleeves to the elbow; though any manner of dressing does it, basically we got these folds from our country style; such style applies to all ages, it’s a matter of how you want them fitted. The young adult to adult women wears a tank top with a scarf wrap around the neck with fitted jeans and heeled boots shoes, while men dress the same with plaid shirt or plain white tops with their cowboy boots and huge buckle belts and hats commonly in brown or black shade. Now, it is for your own judgment if of those who wears them is a style they genuinely are or just merely “trying to get in-style”, since it has been incorporated as one of the trends as well. Whether it is traditional clothing to most of the cities, it is also considered as a stylish design as a whole.


Yes, living in the west is less stressful than the lifestyle in the cities. In comparison to most cities, it is very calm, simple living and layback. A few musical artist, to mention Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley, Kenny Rogers, and in women Faith Hill, Carrie Underwood and Jewel are just among who originates in the west that keeps their wardrobe practiced in their musical videos. In Funeral’s they wore jeans and a white shirt at most of their memorial services. Suits are not very likely but 8-10% may still wear black suits that are from other state, or in any way that gives respect for the deceased and love ones that are in grief; hats are quite famous;


Exotic Style-

it simply states how it appears, inviting or a teaser that are also considered an approach. You got to have the qualification and attitude to wear a teaser wardrobe. Obviously, an exotic style portrays a seductive look in a person; Not timid but provocative. Exotic styles for men are sexy, far way from the traditional. Those men that consider this wardrobe are likely to be more upfront, strong, witty yet humorous within, explorative, mysteriously tough.



Rugged Style; a comfortable wear that comprises a basic shirt or polo shirts; sneakers or driving shoes; Khaki pants or jeans; combined with backpacks or messenger bags. The vast majority commonly wears this attire for almost all everyday errands and occasion, which are close to sporty looking clothing. A color on the other hand depends on the wearer’s preferences. Matched or mismatched colors, accented, or even hilarious colors depending on the ages.

Religious custom clothing are customary clothing used in any religious organizations. It is one mode of dressing depending on an individual’s acceptable belief.


Psychedelic/’ Retro Design have you watched Austin Powers? Such clothing are worn by the English men (Europe) that has colors that are rather contrasting to each other. Tight fitting pants, laces on shirtsleeves and cuff, pointed shoes, bell-bottom or tight fitted pants in the men’s  (Italian shoes) just like the 70’s.



Versatile to all styles- Adaptable to all fashion trends; A versatile individual more likely value whatever is comfortable (without no doubt), makes sure to wear or follow a certain style that fits the occasion and to their budget. People with a versatile taste in clothing are more commonly happy-go-lucky, down-to-earth, and are less complicated. They are among the wise buyer who buys clothes that fits to their budget or if expensive, buys them only if necessary. They are among the mass that does not really compete but are at the same time confident that they look all right without any pretensions. They could be very elegant in an event, sporty, shabby, psychedelic, sexy, country if they want or has to. From fancy to sporty, they could carry and level themselves among any crowds.


Other Styles: La Femme’ Style;



It is wise to keep in mind that it is alright to look good, but it does not necessarily mean that you are not good if you dress just simply fair or not as astounding as others deliver themselves, because any one could easily portray if they are good in imitating an individual, style or a manner of dressing. We seldom overlook the real principle of our inner and outer selves. We tend to “want” to look good, but it is by far more important to know who you really are in that suit and not to be called “JUST a person wearing a suit!” Ouch! Offensive as it may sound, it really is not a very good statement; more so, you would not want to be tagged that way. It is all right to bring an attitude on the dress you wear, but it is a lot better to bare in mind that it is far beyond important to know  “the person in the suit”, an attitude check within us, if our values are going down the drain or accelerating otherwise.


Remember, you have all the right to express your own self, and we will help you find it, if given the chance to serve you in your clothing needs.



“Beauty is within the eyes of the Beholder”






All written hereof are just plainly commentary, personal theory, hearsay, and basis of personal observation and research. Anyone is entitled for their own opinion.

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