Italsuit's Menís Purple Suit  

  Purple , as a color is a majestic shade with a contradictory mixture of red and blue. The color itself signifies power and sophistication. Purple is dramatic, spontaneous, divine and motivating shade that represents a strong personality of the wearer. Purple, chaotically expressed to few, however it is also associated as wealth, creativity that has a sacred place in nature, like purple flowers (orchids, lilac) known to be delicate and considered precious, therefore purple suits would bring all these significance alive. A remarkable, eye-catching and unusual wardrobe you should reconsider.


Italís suit Classifications:


  1. Fashions zoot suits - Italís collection of purple suits are designed in various patterns for our consumerís selections.


* Tone on tone - with plaid tone , or stripe tone


* Plaid patterned lines


* Compose zoot - combination of solid vest and pants over a patterned jacket


  1. Traditional suits - Simply the tradition of elegance; Classic.
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Purple is a combination of blue and red. Purple is a color of monarchs and royalty. It is a sign of authority, nobleness, and extravagance. Though purple is a very rare color in nature. The color is also among the suit selection as it brings a spice on our fashionable menís wardrobe today, thus it brings a mystery.


Purple Shades:


v       Light purple- is a good choice for feminine designs, as it conveys feelings.

v       Bright purple Ėchildrenís fun event; promoting childrenís things

v       Dark purple Ė may be worn depending on the occasion, but preferably not on a black tie event.



Classification of Purple Suits:


Classic Suits - classic wardrobe where you would not go wrong. For a formal event, dark colored suits are highly recommendable, especially for proms. Our traditional wardrobe never goes out of style. An ďall occasionĒ clothing, which depends on the events dress code.

* Single-breasted

* Double-breasted

* Tone on tone

* Solid

* Pinstripes

* Formal shirts



Fashion Zoot Suits - a high-waisted, wide-legged, tight-cuffed trousers; the jacket are longer than the traditional suits, with wide lapels and padded shoulders. The amount of material and tailoring required made them luxurious. Many younger aged men wore a more moderate version of the ďextra-baggedĒ trousers. Commonly matched with fancy hatís that are uniquely elegant by itís characteristics (Godfather hats; Untouchable Hats; Derby Hats), an italian stylish shoes would make it look even perfect. They also feature a watch chain dangling from the belt to the knee below, then back to the side pocket.


Younger attendees tends to be more fashionable and unique in their own way, and zoot suits are getting popular in proms as much as the other suit styles. Most of the ladies would wear nice colors, and so the men try to blend with their partners dress color. It gives a more flashy and glamourous look as a pair. Zoot suits are becoming a growing trend of today, and ITAL SUIT continuesly make new styles due to majorities demand.

Fashionable colors : Red, Royal, Orange, Black, Olive, Burgundy, Navy, Yellow, Sky, Purple, Lavender, Turquoise, Pink, Silver, Charcoal, Mint and other amazing color selections.

Fashionable Patterns:

* Tone on tone

* Solid

* Stripes

* Plaid

* Shadow stripes

* Compose combination, and a lot more


* Single-breasted

* Double-breasted


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In ITALís menís suits, in all colors are made for its perfection. Aside from elegantly tailored with super high thread counts, it consists of outstanding quality worsted wool.   

To be able to find the finest suit, ITAL SUIT possesses the expertise of finding what you rightfully deserve.