A prom is a formal dance after an academic year for students. It is a short term for “promenade”, wherein boys are wearing their finest suits, while girls dress their best with corsages on their wrist. It is a black tie event for graduating high school or middle school, however it also covers the whole student body including parents, professors and faculty. This has first originated during the nineteenth century; a graduation ball tradition has now passed on to our new generation.


The setting is a crowded dance-floor, which major activities are dancing and dining. Generally, it is a competition of good looks and self-presentation. Obviously you are on the right store, will help you decide which clothing would fit you best. Let us help you, get nominated or even chosen as the “best dressed” and   “King of the night”.



Classification of Suits:


Tuxedos - tuxedo is a classic wardrobe frequently used in formal party, known as the “black tie” event depending on its classification. (Single-breasted; double-breasted; banded/ mandarin tuxedo; tailcoat tuxedo; color selection and more). A suit that symbolizes refinement and elegance.


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* Tailcoat tuxedo

* Double breasted

* Single breasted

* 1-button tuxedos

* Two button tuxedos

* Three Buttons tuxedos

* Four Button tuxedo

* Vested Tuxedos  


* Off White Tuxedo

* White tuxedo

* Tuxedo vest set

* No button tuxedo

* Banded tuxedos

Black and white tuxedos are both considered a sharp wardrobe, depending on the occasion. For weddings, either of the colors is suitable, for prom parties, we recommend black tuxedo.

Fashion Zoot Suits - a high-waisted, wide-legged, tight-cuffed trousers; the jacket are longer than the traditional suits, with wide lapels and padded shoulders. The amount of material and tailoring required made them luxurious. Many younger aged men wore a more moderate version of the “extra-bagged” trousers. Commonly matched with fancy hat’s that are uniquely elegant by it’s characteristics (Godfather hats; Untouchable Hats; Derby Hats) , an italian stylish shoes would make it look even perfect. They also feature a watch chain dangling from the belt to the knee below, then back to the side pocket.


Younger attendees tends to be more fashionable and unique in their own way, and zoot suits are getting popular in proms as much as the other suit styles. Most of the ladies would wear nice colors, and so the men try to blend with their partners dress color. It gives a more flashy and glamourous look as a pair. Zoot suits are becoming a growing trend of today, and ITAL SUIT continuesly make new styles due to majorities demand.


Fashionable colors : Red, Royal, Orange, Black, Olive, Burgundy, Navy, Yellow, Sky, Purple, Lavender, Turquoise, Pink, Silver, Charcoal, Mint and other amazing color selections.

Fashionable Patterns:

* Tone on tone

* Solid

* Stripes

* Plaid

* Shadow stripes

* Compose combination ,   and a lot more


* Single-breasted

* Double-breasted


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Classic Suits - Another classic wardrobe where you would not go wrong. For a formal event, dark colored suits are highly recommendable, especially for proms. Our traditional wardrobe never goes out of style. An “all occasion” clothing, which depends on the events dress code.


* Single-breasted

* Double-breasted

* Tone on tone

* Solid

* Pinstripes

* Formal shirts


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Preferable colors:




Black is an exceptional color that could go with any other shades making your wardrobe look “superb”. It enriches the masculine look in a suit, irresistibly attractive, depending on how you carry yourself. Black color signifies reserved, powerful, wealthy and sophistication. It is a color that states, “you are in control”, sense of regal, strong-willed and disciplined. These are the common color worn by men to a party, gala, or wedding. Colors are very vital for any attire. There are many factors that determine the right color for your outfit such as the complexion, place of work, kind of event that you are going to attend etc. Men’s suits come in different colors, but the classic color that best appeals to a suit is always Black.




White color, by itself is associated with sophistication, classiness, clarity, and most of all peace. Common wearer of white appears to have a positive, well-balanced, optimistic personality. White is a bridal color, the color of a “new beginning”, color used in cultural practices such as baptisms, the color used by pastors, priest and other religious representatives, and last but not the least, a color of royalty. In early films stereotypically, the “good” character wore white, while the “bad” guys wore black, or the other way around, such as the movie portrayed by Don Fanucci in Godfather II, wherein all his wardrobe were all white, representing his power authority and prestige.

*Navy or Midnight Blue


*Dark Brown


In ITAL’s men’s suits, all colors are made for its perfection. Aside from elegantly tailored with super high thread counts, it consists of outstanding quality worsted wool.   


Terms used all over the Globe: Prom


British – call the prom as “the ball”; practice in cinema or television

Sweden - known as “ student ball”

Austria -called “Matura ball”; practice in cinema or television

Ireland - Debutantes’ ball ,

U.K - “School Ball” ; School Prom”

Germany - "Abi Party" or an "Abi Ball"

Colombia - private schools usually have "proms" as well

South Africa - “ Matric Dance”, similar as American tradition

Malaysia -same as American tradition

Pakistan - farewell dinner function at the end of the college academic year with an appointed “lady and gentleman of the evening”

Poland - called Studniówka, takes place 100 days after final high school exams.    People from other grade/years could not come.

Csekoslovakia - ann occasion when seniors get together with parents and teachers to celebrate upcoming graduation, that takes place on November or December of the year. Each student’s will have a green ribbon with their name, and they call this event “Ribbon Ball”

Turkey - “graduation Ball”

Italy - known as “Mak II 100” because it takes place 100 days before the students graduate in high school.

Peru - “ Fiesta de Promocion” hel in big halls, hotels convention centres. Dress code is formal;dinner are served, alcoholic beverages, breakfast   is also served the next day morning.

Chile - “Fiestas de Graduacion” held in convention centers or hotels. Students are expected to wear evening dresses and tuxedos. Starts with dancing waltz, parents are present, then leave after dinner. Hors d’ oeuvres and alcoholic driks are available.

Finland - “Vanhojen Tanssit”

Egypt - similar as the US tradition

Vietnam - “lien hoan cuoi nam



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