Yes! Yellow invades our fashion collections! In clothing and fashion, designers such as Tessori Uomo , Alberto Celini and Jean Paul of ITAL discovers and constantly explore variety of colors . These colors are the bright shades. Apparently, a number of buyers may be delighted and are up to it, however there are still some who find it rather “too much” to handle. In today’s trend, you will be very surprised what colors means, that leads the consumers to consider having them in their collection or even adding them up in their closet. Considering the various trends in men’s suits, you would be very much surprised how these bright colors are now being incorporated in various designs may it be for men or women, amazingly even the fashion giants are now reconsidering the same thought as what our fascinating designers have come up in mind. Obviously, this color is as alive as it looks.

The word yellow is from an the word “geolu”, or geolwe which derived from the common Germanic word “gelwaz. The oldest usage of this word is from the poem “Beowulf”. In the English language, yellow is used to describe objects having the color in linking green and orange in visible light spectrum.


In our fashion zoot suits, yellow is just among the others that has an exciting shade collection. It is a warm color; just the same as red , but it has some representations that conflict due to the symbol of war and aggressiveness. Yellow is as a symbol of hope, happiness, joy, youthful, adventurous and also may associate with a expression of sincere defense or act of forgiveness. In fashion, yellow is categorized in a bright shade, which is a strong color, or pastel- a white dye mixed to have it come out a lot lighter. It is associated with sensational journalistic practices, that down plays legitimate news in favor of eye catching headlines known as “yellow journalism”,

Mixed dye and best combination for a yellow


*Yellow-gold conveys intelligence, warm, loves comfort and will pay for it. Although it could work as it’s color by itself, yellow often works best as a companion to other colors.

*Mustard-yellow is also among the stated shade. It adds whiz to an otherwise bland fall wardrobe, and a mass now considers this shade the new black. Other yellow’s such as * Canary-yellow, *Yellow-orange,  etc.

Yellow to enhances your wardrobe.

Summer Season : Pastel yellow- light yellow for summer! Ideal match for white’s, tan, beige, sky blue, mint green, lime green, taupe, light orange, light teal, pale gray or silver, ivory or off white, light lavender and any other that are considered “pastel”. The most important thing about pastels is it is an easy and cool color; however keep in mind that it does not go with black or any other bright colors. If you have to combine them with black, use gray instead, it is more suitable. Use yellow to perk up cooler palette of blues and grays. It makes the color livelier. Lemon yellow will bring out a healthy summery, citrus theme, and pale yellow works as neutral colors to match a dark or richer shade. Yellow and blue are high contrast and rather astonishing combination


Winter Season: Bright yellow’s-dark yellows for winter is now getting in to the fad. Most yellow’s used are the mustard yellow. Ideal match for black, charcoal, tan, off-white or ivory, while yellow and gray with a slight black in a wardrobe is an ultra modern or state-of-the-art look, you may want to consider.


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