More Information About Menís Suit

A high quality suit is necessary in any special occasion which  is now considerable everyday wear in todayís trend for men at work.     Ital suit's ready-made selections are all designed to its expertise  and comfort ability, basically to meet our customer's satisfaction.  An ideal suits project self-confidence and creates influence in a business or in any working place. It emphasizes masculinity and elegance.  It may not be obvious for men, but it is most certainly important that each man should wear their suits appropriate to their size, look and personality. However,  color, style, and material does matter, which infact plays an important role. In any men's suit, a  combination of natural comfort,  suppleness of quality, and identification of finest fabric material should always go together.
Selecting  an appropriate suit is exceptionally vital for men. Each man could look his best depending on the way he dresses himself .  That goes with choosing the right color and style , double breasted ,  single breasted, fashion or traditional suits, coordinating with a matching  shirt, blending with its color, selecting the trouser that fits you best (pleated or non-pleated), adding a vests as a flavor, c hoosing the right number of buttons,  and lastly, accesorizing the  suit with a nice cufflinks that  would add up a flattering remark on the outfit you are wearing.

Suit  Buttons

  • In Menís suit check the buttons and buttonholes are sewn tightly, with good quality thread.
  • Confirm that the suit jacket buttons with no trouble and donít drag on both sides, whether you prefer to stand or to sit.
  • Making sure that buttons are placed well with equal distance.
Menís Suitís Collar and Lapel

Pocket Style for Men Suit

Vent in Mens Suit


Button in Menís Suit



Shoulder Padding in Menís Suits


Armhole and Sleeve style in Men Suit


Menís Suits Pants

Menís Suit Styles                                 

Nowadays, men believe that looking good is an important aspect of their lives. Whether it is business, parties, gathering or the social life, men are now more cognizant about their looks as compared to the past. For looking good and fashionable, it certainly requires little amount of effort but ultimately your clothes have to suit your image, style and personality. One thing should always be kept in mind, that it is not about the clothes you wear but how you should wear them. You need to maintain a balance between the fashionable and the basic attire in your wardrobe for exclusive collection of suits .

Menís Suit Styles

Menís Single Breasted Suit

These are the basic style of most suits. The front buttons on the suits are in a single straight row. There are two types of single-breasted suit ; two button single breasted Suit and three button single-breasted suits. Single breasted Menís suit means a suit with a coat or jacket having single row of buttons and a narrow overlap of fabric while a double breasted suit has a wider overlap and two parallel rows of buttons. A single-breasted suit jacket with three or four buttons will elongate a larger upper body and tend to flatter the slim. Single-breasted suits are generally better for slender figures.

Go for the two buttons, menís single-breasted suit if this is your first suit. While the three buttons is very trendy, it is not always appropriate and will probably be out of style soon. The two-button suit is an essential basic for mans wardrobe. Single Breasted with 2 Buttons and side vents, trousers have one reverse pleat is a classic suit for all kinds of occasions.

Menís Double Breasted Suit

Ital Suit  is proud to introduce the finest and elegant choices in our menís wardrobe, mentioning our double-breasted suit. Not just a few, but also more and more of our famous selections are having known and tops the market in menís wardrobe today.

Double-breasted cater to men in business meetings, special events such as nuptials , gala or any social events . We recommend pinstripes in formal events , while solid suits could also apply worn in an ordinary business meeting , and a formal event another important informationís about choosing the right suit, is that we should inspect, feel, and examine its quality make.

Primarily double-breasted suit cater to all men in all lifestyles, though it has been much more famous in men from ages 30 and above, it has been highly noticeable that even the adolescents start to include double-breasted suit in their closets. For younger ages, a solid suit is preferable; on the other hand, a nice pinstripe suit could be a secondary choice for young men.

Black pinstripes suit gives a style eccentricity, however, both solid and pinstripes patterned suit are ďthe classicĒ look wherein you would not go wrong with.

Do not be carried away with high branded suits, you may be mislead with an unsatisfactory material. Do not be afraid to touch and feel the fabric. The finer quality are highly recommended, Super 150ís  simply designed to its elegance.

To top it all, remember to purchase what your moneyís worth. Do not get carried away with high branded signature stores. Try to be a wise shopper. An example comparison,    ďBrand-AĒ- a well known store that cost you so much more, against   ďBrand-BĒ, a growing competition, offers the finest quality and distinctiveness by itís expertise.  

To top it all, a nice suit has to fit you perfectly. It has to have a good consistency, material and construction. You have to wear something that go with your taste and makes it ďcomfortable in your skinĒ You would be surprise what ital suit could offer you, and will help find the suit that will suit you ďBESTĒ.

Menís Double Breasted Tuxedo Suit

In menís wear, tuxedo is one of the classic wardrobe that never cease in style, black has constantly been the traditional color, though other shades tend to be integrated, depending on special occasions that has color uniformity. Black tuxedos are well defined of its elegance that no men could go wrong. The colors itself symbolizes sophistication and refinement.

Highly recommended tuxedos and accessories as follows :

* Tailcoat tuxedo

* Double breasted -Double-breasted suit coats are almost always kept buttoned

* Single breasted -Single breasted suits' coats may be either fastened or unfastened

* 1-button tuxedos - could either buttoned or un buttoned

* 2 button tuxedos -In two-button suits the bottom button is generally left unfastened

* 3 Buttons tuxedos -three-button suits is to leave the bottom button unfastened , sometimes button the top button

* 4 Button tuxedo -four button suit, he may choose to wear the suit with all of its buttons fastened, two buttons fastened (usually the middle two), or all of the top three.

* Vested Tuxedos

* Off White Tuxedo

* White tuxedo

* Tuxedo vest set

* No button tuxedo

* Banded tuxedos


Menís Three Piece Vested Suit

Menís three piece vested suits featured excellent in fashion circles, inspired by its classic look. Wear your vest buttoned up underneath suit jacket. A three-piece suit vested will have either two side adjusters or the more common back adjuster. A vested suit would be proportionate to the suit. Menís three-piece suit vested gives new outfit and classy look.

Quality of Suit - An Important Factor for Mens Suit

High Quality Suit increases Menís personality. Suit can change personality of man from ordinary to extra ordinary. While selecting Menís suit , high quality of suit is very important. Some important factor to judge how best the suit quality is as follows:


Menís Suit Design and Style

With all above factors, durability is also an important factor for quality suits . As suits cost high it needs longer life with style and modern looks. Having more Mens suits will provide you more options of trying out various styles and unusual colors for your suits but never make compromise with suit quality. You can get exclusive range of high quality suits from online Menís suit outlet .

Menís Suit: Jackets         

Menís Suit: Lapels

There are different types of Lapel (commonly known as collar) for Man Suitís Coat as follows:

Menís Suit: Coat and Trouser Material

For Menís suit , terms used for various types of fabric such as super wool of 100, 110, 120 , 150 count

Super 100 Menís suit, Super 110 Menís Suit and Super 120 Menís suit are considered as high quality suits. The ranges of Italian Suits such as Super Wool 120 Italian Suit, Super 110 Italian Suit and Super 100 Italian Suit are also considered as quality suits for man.

Menís Suit: Shirts

Menís Suit: Vests / Cummerbunds

Menís Suit: Neckwear

Neckwear or Tie either with suit coat or shirts increases personality of man. In Menís suit, types of ties are used as follows:


Menís Suit: Jewelry                                              

For any occasion, jewelry is must to enhance the outlook of Menís suit. Even with formal shirts and pants jewelry makes different looks to manís personality.

 Man looks best in Suit . No other Menís dressing can give such extra ordinary look as man in suit. Without suits, men would have nothing. The suit makes different and classic look at any occasion or function. A suit is generally worn with the intention of creating a certain image. In the business world Menís suit can convey the good position, establish power and express oneís proficiency in his profession. Suit is designed to make you look better, to break boundaries between social classes, to make a small man tall with different suit styles and patterns or a fat man rich with soft wools.

There are various types of Menís suit and styles for different occasion and place.

Menís Suits in the ancient times were better known as:

1.       Coat

2.       Waistcoat

3.       Breeches

Menís Suits are most elegant Menís wear since the beginning.