How You Look With the Right Suit?

Menís physical build are different from one another. Some may have a slender and tall body type, slender and short, athletic, buff or has big size structure, and every manís built has also categories in their ways of dressing.

Double-breasted suit - is more suitable to tall and thin men

Single-breasted suit - is more suitable to man with athletic body.  

It would not hurt to ask advice with our fashion experts, to make sure not to go wrong and to wear the suit appropriately and acceptable to your body structure. Another aspect to blend with an over all look is color.

Black- is a a color of mystery and restrained, subdued but sophisticated. It gives a positive and negative notion, such as silence or submissive, conservative, elegance, glamour and sophistication. It does reflect a social and cultural norms, however black is a color of control. Such color  could be accented with any other solid or slightly patterned shade. Complimenting colors to match it with could be navy or blue, white, red, charcoal, and gray shirt. This shade color is a sure color you would not go wrong with, as it matches all skin tone types.
Charcoal - is a color of balance, acceptable to all skin tones and body structure. It is a neutral color that could be easily be matched over a nice shirt, ties, belt, shoes and accessories. Other colors that conveys the same impression would be gray and navy, which are basically flexible colors as well. 

Other colors: Olive, mint, orange, purple, burgundy, red, brown, off white, pink, turquoise, gold, sky, Tan, silver,    and more depends on preference and body figure.


Fashion suits - is more on bright colors.

Traditional suits - is more on supple color.


Fabric: A high quality fabric is always recommended in a men's suit. Always remember "you are what you wear". You have to be in detailed not just the physical appearance of the suit, it's quality is a major priority.

Lifestyle: Aperson's lifestyle  does play an important role in choosing  the suit. Mainly choosing the right kind and color that is best for your work.
Recommended Casual Look:
Casual shirt , pants , sport coat
Casual shirt , pants , sport coat
Corporate / Profesional Look:

Double Ėbreasted pinstripes or solids

Always remember to wear a clothing that suits best for you , considering your lifestyle, type of work, season . Choose a clothing that is most comfortable wherein you could move freely with confidence.

Double Ėbreasted pinstripes or solids

Single-breasted pinstripes or solids
Always remember to wear a clothing that suits best for you , considering your lifestyle, type of work, season . Choose a clothing that is most comfortable wherein you could move freely with confidence.

Suitable colors on an occasion

  Menís Black Suit

Menís Black Suit


Menís classic black suit will never go out of fashion. Every year new styles appear but the black suit is an everlasting symbol of elegance, grace and sophistication. Black Suits, designed to enhance menís personality. In Menís suit, black suit is a most often associated with formality and elegance. Black Suit is the perfect choice for any formal wear occasion. Menís Black Suits are timeless and classic. Show off your style with a choice of colorful vest and ties. Gold accessories are particularly striking when matched with a black Suit. Black suits are more formal and austere.

Wear Menís black suits in the formal events, formal evenings and events such as weddings, communions etc. A Black Suit is right attire for business meeting, corporate presentation, formal get-togethers and yet stylish enough to wear each day to distinguish yourself in the gathering.  With menís black suit shirt with soft pattern or pale blue shirt give soften look. Match pattern of tie with black suit and avoid white, silver, black and solid color tie.

Menís White Suits

Menís business attire is one of the most important aspects; therefore selecting appropriate clothing and accessories proclaims social and financial status. Menís white suits are most suitable for many events such as Business meeting, fashion events. Menís white suits are available in various hues as well as patterns. White Suit is great for any occasions. Menís white suits look different in different patens and material. White color is the color of Joy, lightness, neutral, cold. It depicts dignity, joy, light and innocence.

Menís white suits are the most suitable suit color for menís fashion. Menís white suit is also most appropriate as wedding suit. Men in White suits make excellent personalities.  White suit is become the first choice for the grooms while selecting men suit for wedding. Groom in white wedding suit with new designs look elegant and matchless on their wedding day. One should look attractive and pleasing to the eye on your special day of life such as wedding day.

Richness in fabrics and good tailoring never go out of style. The amount of material and tailoring required made white menís suits luxury items. In white zoot suit , many young people wore a more moderate version of the draped pants. Using proper mix and match with dress shirts , could wear quite often during the week and you can still look different each time. White color generally has easy affinity with many basic colors such as light blue, dark blue, light pink dress shirts. These colors can be blended within any combination of patterns on the dress shirt and make your white suit look refreshing each time.

Menís Brown Suit/ Menís Bronze Suits

While selecting Brown suits or bronze suit for men, it is very important to match suit color with color of your skin complexion. Maroon and cream is good color combination with brown suit. Brown suit is versatile and looks good with any personality. Generally mans brown suit color is avoided by many people but it gives down-to-earth feel as well as it gives some different choice if you wish to try some different look other than commonly wear suit color. Brown suits can be easily matched with earth tones from yellow to gold to tan colors.

Patterns for Menís bronze suits are limited to solids. In man brown suit avoid chalk stripe, beaded-stripe, multi stripe. If you want to buy a patterned suit, check whether the stripes match up to each other at the suits seams.

The Menís charcoal brown suit with a gray pin stripe is the height of fashion and worth keeping for a well-rounded wardrobe. Mini check pattern, mid brown color suit gives different outlook with lined pant and pleats. The shades of Menís brown suits for both day and night as well as summer or winter wear. It is advisable to have a lightweight worsted flatter Menís brown suit instead of brown suits in heavy woolen. Dark brown suit with a light pink shirt for a work is good choice. With menís bronze suit wear brown shoes and avoid wearing black shoes . Some good shades of pink tie become good match with brown menís suit . Another combination with brown suit is light pink shirt with brown tie . The combination of brown with maroon is always going well. When dressing up, you can never go wrong by matching the sock color to Menís brown suits. Matching the suit and sock color lengthen the body, making you look taller. Avoid bold socks with brown suits, it tone down the rest of your outfit.